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Personal Information Banks

The type of personal information contained in My VAC Account is described in the Personal Information Bank, VAC PPU 086. VAC maintains Personal Information Banks for a variety of programs. A complete list of the Department's Personal Information Banks is described in the Veterans Affairs Canada chapter of the Info Source.

Privacy Notice Statement

The personal information you provide through My VAC Account is collected under the authority of the Department of Veterans Affairs Act and from Section 4 of the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada. It is used for the purpose of authenticating your identity in order to provide you with access to online services. If you choose not to use My VAC Account to conduct business with the Department, you can continue to work with us by telephone, mail or in person.

Your information is protected from unauthorized disclosure by the Privacy Act. The recorded opinion about an individual is considered personal information about and belonging to, that individual.

Right of Access

The Privacy Act also provides individuals with a right of access to personal information about themselves with full rights to review it and have it corrected if you identify an error or omission.

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